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If people do not understand you  Komentarze (2)
24. listopada 2011 07:45:00


The difficulty of communication between people, to understand the difficulty, we have deep experience. Aside other people's understanding and their own problems do not say, if you often feel that others can not understand you, you ought to think about is their own why.
For these reasons, from shallow and deep, no more than four species.
    First of all, because you did not tell others what you think or you tell it does not make clear. This situation is a lot to see. Such as the girls always love her boyfriend angry, feel themselves in the end he did not understand what is required. Young man said, you did not tell me how do I know ah? The girl even more angry, since you love me, then you should know what I need ... ah ...
    A mature woman, I spent 15 years of marriage, finally know the man is a woman does not have the ability to understand animals, if you do not say he would not know, will not do; so I what you want, directly, clearly, specifically told him that the result is he can do so I am very satisfied. Although a little something to guess the mystery and romance, but a lot more understanding and harmony.
    Secondly, because you subconsciously do not want others to understand you. Subconscious is a strange thing, it is often able to detect with your own ideas contrary. The following is the story of a girl -
    Years ago, she also met two boys, A and B. She had a good impression on the A the outset, but her behavior shows the opposite: A Hengmeilengdui her, but enthusiasm for the B plus, which makes a favorable impression she had on the A slowly away from her, making the B began her gallant. They have misunderstood her message. Not help her slip into the marriage, with predictable results. Then A knows the girl is like his original, Henji own stupid. However, this is not really blame him, because the girl's subconscious did not want to let A know at that time she loved.
    Individual people do not understand your third reason is that you do not understand themselves. Everyone will agree that such a view: in the self-understanding of this point, whether you make too many big effort to get many results, you can completely understand your own, there are always some things about yourself, you do not know . You do not know, how could let others know?
    Finally, a situation where someone else has to understand you, even in some ways for you to understand, more comprehensive than your own, deeply, but you do not know, still there is people do not understand you and sad. There is a story that a horse that he is an ordinary horse, horses said it was Maxima, it can realize that he was indeed a rare Mercedes-Benz horses thousands of miles without fatigue. If the horse because the horses with their own views views on conflict, it is understood that the horses themselves, it would mean giving up his chance when the Maxima. Therefore, even if it seems like for someone else's "misunderstanding" view, but also think carefully about what's necessary.
    Of course, if you too care about other people's understanding, is the problem. Understanding between people, can not insist, and insist to understand is ill-defined, narcissistic state. If you can understand each other, of course, is a good thing; if it is with some people reach mutual understanding of the state, it does not matter, do not understand well. In fact, you think so, and it means you have to understand this relationship can not be a mutual understanding. In this sense, do not understand is to understand itself.
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Tangible ideal  Komentarze (2)
24. listopada 2011 07:30:00


Have seen an experienced farmer cows in the process. At first the farmer directly to the forage on the ground, so effortlessly feeding cattle, farmers thought that cows will eat very full, will work harder. But while he found the farmer, the cow learned to pick and choose, wasted a lot of fodder, and often slack work. Later, the farmer thought of a way, each forage fed to cattle, he always will forage in a slightly higher than the cow's head on a shelf. Thus, if the cattle fodder in order to eat, you have to make efforts. Since then, the cow is not only no longer pick and choose, for some little time a little bit of fodder also eat with relish.
More likely to get something, the less aware of the value, the more difficult things get, the more to find ways to be. Not only cattle, so we are often too easy to accomplish things, often people do not motivation, is not the slightest sense of accomplishment. And too difficult to complete things, they often daunting, think out of reach.
Life, many people always liked to set a very lofty goals in life that the more lofty ideals, the more fruitful achievements. For example, some childhood Lizhiyaodang scientist, a writer, when the politician, an artist, when the musicians, when billionaire and so on. The results, as far-fetched, these people always run into a wall in the way of life, no matter how hard they try not realize their ideals, and finally had to give up frustrated, and my heart still bears the shadow of a low self-esteem.
Therefore, we should give yourself a visible, tangible goals, so in the capture of a target, it will reap the joy of success, build self-confidence, with confidence, will have the courage to overcome difficulties, will be step by step to success. It's like mountain climbing, if the beginning we put the target in the towering mountains, in a difficult climb, we will lose confidence little by little, has not yet reached the mountain, to give up on the disappointment. If you start is not a target in the mountains, but set at the foot of a mountain top, then you will conquer this hill big bang. Tasted the sweetness, you will confidently to conquer another mountain higher.
A winner, not because he set the goal of their own how high, but because he has to target the location of their barely able to reach.
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Each seasoning needs  Komentarze (2)
24. listopada 2011 07:18:00


Life was a glass of water, but you can always taste the different spices, plain life is showing a rich flavor.
    No one likes tough times ahead. Pain is only a regulation, as some people eat bitter melon in the summer in a big way, Sheng effect boasts bitter and delicious, but not everyone is accustomed to such a bitter taste. Bitter taste can be fad, but as not all of the main flavor.
    Compared to people who do not have tough times ahead, I'm glad. Because I came from tough times in the first bitter sweet life is a lucky person who can be tough times ahead, there is immunity for the suffering, to endure life's adversities, more likely to succeed.
    Dipped in the salt of life, wash your wound. Bitter after taste is the life we ​​salinity. Someone who is always with pride and lessons learned tone, said: "I've eaten more salt than you eat more than rice!" Salt, spices of all the main dishes. With salt, our lives have the power. Day life is not the mother said no salt, no salt, light and eating us strength. Salt is the most original and most important spices. Eating the salt of life, your wings will one day everlasting hard to soar in the blue sky.
    Acid is a trace of remorse life. When you look back to their way of life, despair and reflection of the time, found himself the wrong way, committed a wrong, being wrong ah. But, after all, is like sour small number of pregnant women is a special case. Generally speaking, bad bad food showing sour. Acid plays a warning to our role in life, but should not be the main flavor of our lives.
    Spicy life stimulus. In calm water days, after a time we always eager to break new and exciting things to calm waters. This is a spicy sauce, spare no effort to stimulate your taste buds, so that you fully experience the excitement and Xuemaibizhang. Spicy is a temptation, spicy is a challenge. For most people, is always the temptation. Whenever brave enough to accept the challenges of life who are strong.
    Some people used to live in stone, used to live in places and routes each day, accustomed to the work place and environment ... a better job ... but when placed in front of us, they may not be able to accept change and challenges.
    Sweet taste is a good life. We all hope that their days of sweet sweet honey. However, eating more sweets, people tend to gain weight. Similarly, the proliferation of too sweet, it is easy to breed toxins.
    Our lives are a variety of spices, seasoning each have their own role, we eleven taste to gusto. Life is probably the case.
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Natural and color  Komentarze (2)
24. listopada 2011 07:16:00


Now, I was climbing the mountain road.
Aerial view of mountain, deep valleys, winding streams, sometimes flowing through the shallows, sometimes the flow of the abyss. Steep slopes covered with deciduous leisurely green. Volume from the passage of wind, was shaven dorsal whitish turned over. Conifer stands silently, showing a deep green rhyme.
Suddenly, a burst can hear the sound of water, you can see the hanging of a thin white waterfall. Ming birds chirp twitter. Near the Maolin, the oriole flying. Across the mountains, cuckoo sang a laid-back song. Rhododendron sharp crowing from time to time, rang the mountain.
Now, I was climbing the mountain road.
The rain stopped, steaming mist rising. Mountains vivacious dark blue dark colors. Distance - film hazy.
Mist hanging over the valley, fluttering Huhu swept mountains, form a confusing picture. Close-range woods Fanzhi stretch, patchwork. I watched, all sunk in the empty desert of the "no", it seems like monochrome ink painting, fantasy and mystery is how coordination.
Suddenly, the mountain in an unexpected space, chiseled to emerge out of a green.
Now, I was climbing the mountain road.
Chicken, red maple, yellow birch, water, brown robe of the tree, beech golden brown, dark red tree kitchen seven times, come together. Mountains covered with brilliant red equipment, and everywhere the green evergreen posture. Valley of the shadow rippling purple.
Embraced the colors are so bright, so rich. Before winter, all the vitality from the burning woods, the mountains will make dye, a glowing red.
The sun sets. Suddenly, the race to fight Yan gorgeous colors, each with very co-withered. Light and shade of the opposition softened. Unique beauty of color, people feel is so deep. At the moment, waiting for winter is a philosophical attitude held by, a pack of quiet scenery.
Now, I was climbing the mountain road.
The bottom of the same color white world, black stream into a thin band of winds over. Trees interlaced branches bear snow, play the delicate melody. The weight of the snow bent down conifers, body quivering from time to time, to shake off the snow white down, seems like a smoke.
Snow also were numerous. Quietly under the greater. Shed from the air through the moonlight, I saw countless gray snow filled the air, attack will come. I like a threat, but also like my warning. Mountains and valleys are falling in silence and deep sleep.
Now, I was climbing the mountain road.
Gold, silver, yellow, green, light green, red ... ... reveal the shoots of trees, singing cheerfully together from morning to wake up. Some stand up, some down blooming, small buds are so colorful, as numerous.
Small robins woo, blessed joy of new life. I do not know from where came the knock woodpeckers pecking at the trunk of a small voice. Flickered across the mountains shining white what about it magnolia flower.
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More important than encouraging  Komentarze (1)
24. listopada 2011 07:14:00


In 1998, the U.S. decided to be a social worker Hynes test: find 10 strange children, to tell them an incentive, then, follow-up survey 10 years later how much it affected them.
Weekend, she came to Washington, DC, a stadium, to see a group of boys were playing basketball. She closed the gap to take advantage of them and tried to ask what the situation, and then each of them 10 children, said: "You should put the ball into the number of 23 farmers, the same as Michael Jordan."
She carefully observed the child's face when they heard this, and some friendly smile, and some disdain rolling his eyes, and some surprise cross-examination, but only his eyes blinking bright, quiet like a long time before Han Han said: "But my idol Michael Jordan, thank you for your encouragement."
He erected a thumbs toward Hynes, simply write down his information: Kevin Durant, 10 years old.
In 2008, Hines pulls out the old record, struggling turns to find these 10 boys, made her feel surprise that, although no longer engaged in the first nine boys and basketball-related work, or even from no longer playing, but in the end strong build and a dark guy, but then won the NBA Rookie of the Year, has successfully joined to the Russian Oklahoma Thunder. Has a pair of bright eyes on this young man, she does not turn records also remember that the year is full of gratitude for her encouragement of Durant.
An unintentional encouragement, even led to a basketball star, Hines could not believe that she is pleased to record the end of the write in conclusion: When a person is willing to send encouragement, even if they are just for the stranger, receiving 10 among individuals, there will be a big success as a celebrity.
If Durant is encouraged by the phrase became basketball star, so now he and Jordan are somewhat similar to it? She was curious, so special attention from Durant participated in every game. Although this kid shot with Michael Jordan as accurate, but the pitch is different. Yes, Jordan in the field reveals a vicious, with a surge of murderous, but they do not feel the Durant body. He never tattoo, do not waste words with rival soared, not that kind of leadership publicity temperament, gentle like a college student. She carefully from those reports on Durant, he actually is a slovenly guy even broke his teammates are not even a comb. He clearly was a child, like playing video games, like the bull with his teammates, like to enjoy after winning the bull laugh ... ...
In addition to the original Durant love basketball, in addition to accurate shooting, and Jordan in other areas is completely different! Hines can not help wondering to ask themselves: Is his success with his original sentence is not much to encourage the relationship? So, whether he is due to He became the star it? she is determined to find out the answer, since the time they came to the training ground observation.
When the other players to complete the required training mission left, more than 2 meters tall and Durant left alone on the pitch, over and over again to practice the jump and break. He left corner from the stadium began to practice shooting, continuous cast hundreds of times, then move back to the right six inches starting point of the exercise the next shot ... ... until the audience cast over all angles, and he was sweating to exit.
Hynes began to realize that this formidable opponent scoring machine, is by far more than others pay and training, only to excel. Originally encouraged as the sun, can illuminate the road ahead, but ultimately can not help people reach distant; and more important than encouraging, but it is hard work and perseverance.
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